Weddings, engagements, birthdays, parties, bull fitting and disco dance parties.. do we accept them?

Unfortunately we don’t, you can find a host of other venues on www.venuemob.com.au that will hopefully suit your needs.

What’s our pricing?

Each event is unique, depending on the day of the week, duration, etc. We suggest you fill out the enquire now form and we can prepare a custom quotation for you.

Furniture, is this included in the venue hire?

Absolutely, in the venue information packs for each venue you will see a summary of included furniture. Navigate to the venue pages for this package of info. Pending on your needs there might be one-off setup fee applicable.

Do you have AV in house?

We sure do, smart system to make your event easy. In the venue information packs for each venue you will see a summary of the AV system and applicable cost.

Is there a charge for still & sparkling water?

Gosh no, free of charge and on tap for you.

Can our guests access wifi for our event?

You sure can, it is no charge and is super fast.

I’d like to bring a caterer in, is this possible?

Each MicDrop venue has an in-house catering team, ready to roll. To bring in external catering a $400 buy out fee applies, per event day. 

What dates is the venue open for events?

The venues are able to be booked all 7 days of the week.

I’d like a venue tour, when can I do this?

Click in the footer below to book a tour, we will do our best to find a time between event bookings, Monday – Friday, between 9am and 5pm.