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  • Health Policy
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  • Physical & Social Distancing
  • Event Space
  • Event Managers
  • Event Guests
  • Social Etiquette
  • Timber+Greens catering
  • Social distancing capacities

Micdrop Event Spaces

To support a safe return to events, it is going to require a combined effort from everyone involved; from the event manager, event guests, catering team, right through to the cleaning crew.

MicDrop recognises the integral role it plays here to support our community and requests that event managers and their guests recognise their role in contributing towards this.

As venue operators we have implemented a number of necessary measures to accommodate the wellbeing of event managers and their guests in this new climate.

The below expands upon existing policies as well as introduces new measures now in place at all of our locations. These policies and measures will continue to be expanded upon in the coming weeks to ensure we are all able to navigate and respond to changing circumstances.

Strict adherence to our Health Policy is required for all event managers and guests in order to keep everyone safe.

We ask all event managers and guests to be respectful of one another and to refer to all signage, markers and directions throughout the space.

We are looking forward to working together and returning to a productive workplace.

Health Policy

Click here for Health Policy

Our strict Health Policy remains in place indefinitely across all sites.

Following advice from the Department of Health and to ensure the safety of our team & community from please answer these three questions before you enter our space…

  • Have you returned from overseas in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who:
    – Has been overseas in the last 14 days.
    – Is suspected or confirmed to have Coronavirus?
  • Are you feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please do not attend or enter a MicDrop venue and seek medical advice.

Upon you return, in order to enter we require written advice that you are ok and no longer require self isolation.

Cleaning Policy

Our venues continue to be monitored closely, additional cleaning remains in place by certified COVID-19 cleaners and hygiene and disinfecting products remain available to event managers, guests and staff.

Please see below the additional cleaning and sanitisation procedures we have in place in all MicDrop locations:

All Sites

  • 8 hours of cleaning per site per night.
  • On top of the normal cleaning products being used we are also utilising a product called VIRACLEAN which is a hospital grade disinfectant being used on all services, has a neutral pH and is biodegradable.
  • All surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected including:
  • Bathroom doors and door handles.
  • Bathroom basins, all stainless-steel areas, taps and tap fittings
  • Bathroom hand paper holders.
  • Plastic rubbish bins including lid.
  • Fridge and mini fridge doors including door handles and buttons.
  • Kitchen benches, tables and chairs.
  • Reception desk, bench and tablet’s touch up screen.
  • Clean and sanitise all shared tables and surfaces.
  • Meeting room’s table, chairs, whiteboard and equipment controls.
  • Printers and scanners.
  • Tablet’s touch screens.
  • Doors and door handles.
  • Light switches.
  • Lift buttons.
  • Emergency Exit buttons

Physical & Social Distancing

The Australian Government has made a number of resources available to employers and businesses with respect to Covid19 response including Physical & Social Distancing.

MicDrop has drawn from these resources in preparing the policies and procedures outlined below. We ask that event managers and their guests play their role in being socially responsible within the space.

Work Safe Information

The MicDrop team are available to discuss any queries you may have.

Event Space

  • It will be the event managers responsibility to ensure they limit the number of attendees at events to accommodate safe distances. Capacity charts are noted further below, the MicDrop team can assist with a specific social distancing floor plan, aligned to your layout requirements.
  • Tables and chairs will be placed appropriately to assist the event manager to facilitate this.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes available in each event space.
  • Increased cleaning to sanitize all touch point surfaces such as tables, markers, presentation remotes, AC control & door handles.

Event Managers

  • It will be the responsibility of the event manager to ensure their guests follow the MicDrop guidelines
  • The MicDrop team are available to create a floor plan that respects social distancing and is inline with your layout requirements (cabaret, u-shape, etc).
  • All guests must be sent a copy of the MicDrop Health Policy and respond accordingly, if required.
  • A list of the expected guests list is to be provided to the MicDrop team 1 business day prior to the event. Following the event the guest list is to be signed off by the Event Manager as being true and accurate. This information will be kept on file to support contact tracing efforts, if a situation arises. This information will be stored in line with the MicDrop privacy policy. The following information will be required:
  • The MicDrop team will provide a template for the guest information required.

Event Guests

  • It will be the responsibility of the event manager to ensure their guests follow the MicDrop guidelines
  • All guests must first review the MicDrop Health Policy and respond accordingly.
  • All guests will need to check in with their event manager, to ensure their details have been logged at the venue. These details will be retained as per our privacy policy.
  • Please observe all floor markings and signage for safe distancing when queuing
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes are available at the venue entrance and reception desk
  • Gloves available if required (PPE)
  • Cleaners to wipe down entrance doors and elevator buttons as per cleaning policy

Social Etiquette

  • It is up to our guests to practise washing and sanitising their hands frequently throughout the day for the recommended 20 seconds. Please observe signage around the space.
  • Please practise good workplace hygiene by covering coughs and sneezes into your elbow and turning away from other guests in the space.
  • Unfortunately for the foreseeable future handshakes, hugs and kisses and generally not recommended.

Timber+Greens catering

  • Increased staffing is available to assist with the serving of salads and other items, to limit the repeated use of serving utensils.
  • Hand Wash gel placed on each catering station, with signage to advise use
  • We will continue to supply cutlery and crockery, all used cutlery and crockery will continue to be washed, as per our standard procedure. The dishwasher will be unpacked with appropriate PPE equipment. If you do not feel comfortable using these communal items please bring your own from home.
  • Communal water bottles will be available and continue to be washed regularly, alternatively bottled water can be made available for purchase.
  • Disposable gloves are available (PPE)

social distancing capacities

The calculations below are noted on a 4sqm rule, which can be used for future planning on this model.