Venue Management

Given the fast pace of the business world, it is often difficult to operate and grow an event space venue. At MicDrop, we operate award winning venues with swagger, style and class. We say goodbye to bland, boring, corporate events and offer unique spaces for iconic events. 

We as a business are continually growing, we convert locations and partner with spaces needing a spark. What started off as us taking vanilla leases and converting them into award winning spaces has quickly transitioned to landlords & portfolio owners seeking partnerships with us.

By partnering with us we:


  • We tailor our approach to every opportunity – no property, neighbourhood & community we’ve developed has been the same in structure.


  • By working together and leveraging our complementary skills and expertise, we believe we can create even more value for you. In this case 1 + 1 is greater than 2
  • We can compliment your building  & support your existing tenants by delivering even more value to their tenancy
  • We play our role in helping our landlords secure bigger leases knowing that we are their as a supporting amenity


  • We pride ourselves on being THE BEST! High-performance & service + the best unit economics in the industry and a track record of successful execution to validate.

We work with multiple institutional landlords & large developers as well as the independent property owner in a deep meaningful partnership leaning on our values and world-class operations. 

We are always expanding and would be interested in learning more about your property to see if it’s a match and a way for us to build a long term strategic relationship together.

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