Choosing the right venue for a team offsite plays a fundamental role on the overall success and experience for the attendees. Ensuring that the time spent away from the office is worthwhile and valuable, it is important to book a space that encourages creativity and collaboration, inspires innovation and stimulates the mind.

Step away from the windowless rooms, beige walls, ancient AV technology and cold coffee — discover MicDrop’s new breed of unique event spaces in Melbourne that will take the usual team offsite space from ‘meh’ to memorable.

  • Easily accessible by public transport — centrally located
  • Award winning interior design with polished concrete floors, beautiful wooden panelled walls  and an abundance of natural light
  • Sleek custom designed furniture for flexible setup styles
  • Catering packages available using healthy and wholesome ingredients sourced from local producers
  • Multiple boardrooms and meeting rooms available for breakout spaces
  • Cutting-edge event-tech facilities with user friendly interfaces for an easy plug & play experience
  • Lightening fast wifi with 500GB+ upload/download speed
  • 5 star amenities with hand-rolled towels and custom scent diffusers

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