MicDrop South Melbourne | Live Studio

Looking to host a live stream event, or web conference?

MicDrop can broadcast your event with single-button activated streaming, either via a YouTube private link, or via web conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. MicDrop South Melbourne is fully integrated, with audio and video wired into the stream, making it an ease.  The MicDrop on-site technicians are on hand to make the process an ease, whilst you focus on the content. 

The fixed camera has motorised remote controls, easily operated via the in-house control panel. Furthermore a time-delay built in, supporting instances whereby the stream needs to be stopped, or controlled. 


Event Recording
MicDrop South Melbourne features a video recording facility, the simple-to-use service supports those looking to capture an archival recording, or keep on file for future playback. Recorded on USB, the plug & press feature records the event from the fixed camera, alongside a feed from the microphones & audio lines used during the event.  Pending the configuration of your streaming setup. 

Make your event more interactive
Our friends at Sli.Do have designed an easy to use platform to engage your global audience with web-based Q&A’s, live polls and quizzes. Ideal for company & team meetings, conferences or training sessions, this real time tool is a leader in the events industry. Sli.Do also has integration into Google Slides for ease, plus insights to report on audience analytics and response data.

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